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Laboratory Monkey Bars, Lab Lattice in Bulk for Schools

Whether in a professional or scholastic setting, high quality lab equipment is paramount to conducting accurate and repeatable scientific experiments. With lab budget allowances getting tighter by the year and equipment getting pricier, it can be difficult to keep a university-level laboratory operating optimally. Lee Engineering has your answer for strong, reliable lab frames to help you manage your specialized facility and keep the laboratory running smoothly.

Your lab must be as versatile as possible to accommodate the different types of experiments that academic science demands. Our lattice frames and components allow for a more adaptable lab and can be reconfigured as needed to save you from costly additions.

Bulk Lab Gear from Wisconsin

If you just need a few replacement OEM components to round out your efficient physics lab, or if you need to start an elaborate chemistry lab from scratch, the experts at Lee Engineering have you covered. We’ll provide you with closed or open lab connectors and couplers, base plate assemblies, or aluminum rods of varying lengths to get your experiments moving and your students learning. Come browse our wide selection of laboratory components.

Educational Laboratory Lattice Frames

We have expert advice on lab bench construction to help you build a lab bench. Before constructing a science lab bench, many considerations must be made. Among these are:

  • Number of students and space requirements—The NSTA recommends 45 sq. ft. of space per student in your lab. Make sure you take room dimensions in consideration when deciding on the number of usable work stations.
  • Range of materials used—In a university setting, experiments can cover a wide range of materials, from very basic to corrosive, and your equipment must be able to accommodate that range.
  • Ease of Cleaning—With the amount of students using the lab, it should be relatively easy to keep clean and organized.
  • Safety Requirements—Running a safe laboratory is your top priority, so you need to be sure that your lab bench is built to meet those requirements.
  • Fume Hood Needs—When dealing in chemicals, proper fumigation is necessary. Our lab lattice components are put to use in the manufacturing of fume hoods, which are required in many labs. You will need to determine your individual lab’s requirements.

Your students require safe and durable science equipment to allow the dissemination of ideas through experimentation. Additionally, you require a cost-effective source of high quality lattice components for the science department. Lee Engineering will help you accomplish all of these goals with our American Made Lab Components. 

Complete Lab Apparatus Frames for Schools

Lee Engineering sells a complete line of lab apparatus equipment. Wisconsin schools and universities can create custom testing apparatus for chemistry and science labs using lab rods, connectors, and lattice kits from Lee. Made of fiberglass, aluminum, or stainless steel, lab apparatus from Lee are engineered to withstand demanding testing environments.

Durable Lab Frame Rods

An essential component to any science kit, Lee Engineering carries a variety of lab frame assembly parts ideal for universities and educators. Lab rods from Lee ensure reliable, repeatable experiments. Our lab lattice rods are built with high quality materials like fiberglass or stainless steel to resist corrosion and other wear. Pick and choose from our selection of lab rods to find the right parts for your laboratory.

Open and Closed Type Lab Frame Rod Connectors

Lab rod connectors hold the research world together. Available in sturdy stainless steel or affordable aluminum, lab frame rod connectors from Lee feature an open-throat design for easy adjustments. Our lab rod connectors are available with heavy duty hex adjustment screws or our exclusive quick-action tee handles, ensuring stable lattice connections and zero misalignment.   Complete Lab Lattice Kits for Sale

Lee Engineering sells complete lab frame kits for home, educational, and commercial use. Our lab lattice kits are compatible with all of our lab frame rods, support bases, and rod connectors. Lab apparatus from Lee Engineering is ideal for any educational research. Whether you need affordable aluminum for chemistry courses, or heavy duty stainless steel for research purposes, our lab frame kits are perfect for your school.

Lab Lattice Parts for Sale


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