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Lab Lattice for Fume Hood Manufacturers

OEM Parts for Your Manufacturing Needs

Lee Engineering has a reputation for making quality lattice components which can be utilized as quality components in your end product.  Our sturdy and adaptable connectors, bases and lab frames can be used in a wide variety of applications. We sell in bulk to accommodate manufacturers’ needs.

Buy Fume Hood Monkey Bars in Bulk

Our science lattice work makes an excellent option as frames in laboratory fume hoods which are used to filter potentially hazardous fumes that result in combining chemicals. Our components are made from a variety of materials and come in different sizes to give you the right fit for your end product.

Heavy-Duty Lab Frame Materials

  • Stainless Steel
  • Zinc
  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass

Lattice Connectors

  • Closed Lab Rod Connector: A solid and semi-permanent connector for rigid construction.
  • Open Lab Rod Connector: Allows for easier manipulation so rods can be slid into position instead of pulled through.
  • Lattice Connector Assembly: Rounded for easy cleaning, with an open throat.
  • Quick Action Connector Assembly: Provides simple adjustment capabilities.

Lab Frame Rods and Couplers

  • Lengths come in 12-inch (30.48 cm) intervals
  • Stainless Steel or Aluminum Couplers

Base Plate Assemblies

  • Swivel Base Assembly: Swings on a single plane, 22.5 degrees each way.
  • Vertical Base Assembly: A stationary base.

Versatile OEM Lab Lattice Systems

The versatility of our lattice components gives the manufacturer the flexibility to produce different iterations of their product while keeping a single reliable OEM part supplier; this saves you the hassle of searching for new suppliers each time a different product is produced.

Lab Lattice Parts for Sale


Lattice Kits for Fume Hoods

Versatile Lab Frame Kits for Fume Hoods

Lee Engineering supplies students, scientists, and manufacturers with durable, high-quality lab lattice frame kits designed specifically for use in fume hoods. Lee’s American-made lattice frame kits feature corrosion-resistant materials so students and professionals can safely and reliably use our lab frames in fume hoods year after year.

Our lab lattice kits come complete with rods, connectors, and base plates. All kits are compatible with the individual components we sell separately so you can always adapt your setup as needed, making these strong, adjustable lattice frame kits a great investment.

Lattice connectors come with Lee Engineering’s quick release mechanism with tee handles which lock lattice rods in place, or with hex adjustment screws. If you opt for the hex screws, a Lee Engineering hex key is included with your kit so it’s ready to assemble right away.

Lee Engineering’s lab lattice frame kits are ideal for use in any fume hood found in a manufacturing or laboratory setting. These modifiable lab frame kits are built to last and offer an unbeatable value to students and professionals alike.

Customizable Lattice Frame Kits for a Snug Fit in Your Fume Hood

Lee Engineering can provide custom rod lengths so you can get a lattice frame with a secure fit no matter the size of your fume hood. We offer several side, top and bottom lab frame kits recommended for applications where you need a lattice frame spanning the entire length and width of the fume hood.

Lee Engineering also offers a fume hood lattice frame kit with mounting hardware only on the sides and bottom, leaving the tops of the rods unsecured.

Side, top, and bottom frame kits mount securely on all sides, creating a permanent structure in the fume hood for your ongoing experiment or lab work. These kits assume a 1-foot lattice spacing, but this is adjustable, so you can use as many or as few lab rods as you need.

Fume Hood Back Mounting Lattice Frame Kits

The back mount lattice frame kit is suitable when you need your lab support lattice secured to the back panel of the fume hood. In our most popular back mount lab frame kit, the frame rods can be cut to custom length. You choose whether you need your lattice frame to cover the entire back panel, or fit in a smaller area, leaving room for other operations to take place in the fume hood. The rods in this lab frame kit are available in stainless steel, aluminum, and fiberglass.

We offer another fume hood back mounting kit which features a frame around the edge. This lab support lattice kit is only available in aluminum, and the frame rods cannot be custom cut.

Portable Lab Lattice Mounting Kits for Fume Hoods or Benchtops

A bench-top lab lattice configuration can also be used in a fume hood. This style of lattice frame is ideal for situations where you need a freestanding frame, or need to change the location of your lattice frame. The bench-top lattice frame mount kit can be attached to the floor of a fume hood or a benchtop with screws. The frame rods for this kit are available in stainless steel, aluminum, and fiberglass, and both the rod length and lattice spacing are adjustable.

Other Uses of Bulk Lab Lattice

Contact a sales person to see if Lee Engineering is a good fit to produce OEM parts for your fume hood or other products.

Contact a representative with questions about lab lattice frame kits for your fume hood setup.

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