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How Do I Order Bulk Lattice Parts?

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  • Stainless steel, fiberglass, aluminum, or zinc

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Buy Flexible Lattice Systems in Bulk

As a casework manufacturer, you know how diverse the marketplace is. Whether you design, manufacture, and install laboratory furniture products for research, education, healthcare, industry, or the government, you understand the importance of easily adaptable modular systems in the laboratory setting. The simpler a laboratory workstation is to manipulate, the more productive the laboratory is.

At Lee Engineering, we specialize in bulk supply of laboratory lattice frames to lab casework manufacturers. All of our lattice parts are designed with three things in mind:

  • Easy to manipulate
  • Completely customizable to your application
  • Strong, corrosion-resistant construction

Easy to Adjust Lab Lattice

Lee Engineering’s lattice frames are simple and quick to adjust. Our robust and user-friendly adjustable connectors include:

  • Quick-Action Lattice Connectors with Tee Handles
  • Quick-Action Lattice Connectors with Hex Screws
  • Open-Throat Lab Rod Connectors with Hex Screws
  • Closed Throat Lab Rod Connectors with Hex Screws

We also offer handle assemblies to simply convert any hex screw adjustment to a Tee Handle assembly.

Customizable Lengths to Fit Your Casework

Lee Engineering offers custom lengths of lattice rods to perfectly fit your lab furniture. Whether you need stainless steel, fiberglass, aluminum, or zinc lab frame rods, we will customize the lengths for all of your jobs.

We stock the following sizes of frame rods:

  • 12’’
  • 24’’
  • 36’’
  • 48’’
  • 72’’
  • 84’’

Heavy-Duty Lattice Components

All of our components, including lab feet, rod connectors, and lattice rods are built to withstand the harsh conditions of any lab. They are corrosion resistant and manufactured to last. Did we mention, all of our lab apparatus are made in the USA?

Customizable Lattice Frames and Components for Sale in Bulk

Today’s casework manufacturers need versatile lattice to fit new mix use classrooms and research facilities. Lee Engineering designs and builds lab lattice kits, rod connectors, and frame rods right here in America. Available in bulk, casework manufacturers can buy high volume orders of our heavy duty lab equipment.

Versatile Lab Frame Rods in Bulk

Lee Engineering manufactures bulk quantities of lab frame rods in Palmyra, WI. Available in fiberglass, affordable aluminum, and sturdy stainless steel, our lab rods are built to last. Lab lattice rods from Lee are compatible with all Lee lattice kits and lab rod connectors. Lee Engineering works with a number of casework manufacturers to provide bulk orders of reliable lab frame rods.

Bulk Lab Rod Connectors for Casework

Casework manufacturers who need bulk orders of lab frame rod connectors turn to Lee Engineering. Available with open tongue or closed connectors, Lee lab frame rod connectors ensure maximum customizability with minimal set up time. Lee connectors feature a hex adjustment screw or our exclusive quick-action tee handle. Casework manufacturers who choose Lee can find open, closed, and clamp style lab rod connectors at affordable prices.

Full Lab Lattice Frames for Sale

Lee Engineering designs complete lab lattice frames for a number of casework manufacturers in America. Our lab frame kits are compatible with rods, bases and feet, connectors, and clamps. Casework manufacturers can choose from fiberglass, aluminum, or stainless steel lab frame kits. Lee Engineering ensures you have the right equipment for your designs. Available in bulk, lattice kits add customizable options to casework designs.  

Lab Lattice Parts for Sale


Other Uses of Bulk Lab Lattice Equipment

Our bulk lab frame equipment can be used for other labs and testing facilities around the globe. From the demanding work within government labs to environments with bio-hazardous materials, Lee Engineering's lab equipment is built to last.

Lattice for University Labs

Fume hood in lab with research scientist

Lee Engineering provides bulk lattice framework for university and higher education labs. Direct from our Wisconsin lab equipment manufacturers, our lab frames, rods, bases, clamps, and connectors are durable enough for years of experimental use. Our products are also crafted with safety in mind – a very important attribute we build into each and every lab equipment component.

Lattice for Fume Hoods

Lee Engineering features lab lattice framework for fume hoods. Made from either fiberglass, aluminum, zinc, or stainless steel, our durable lab monkey bars take on the most rigorous of experiments and testing. We also provide adjustable lab lattice kits – for easy setup and workplace convenience.

Not sure what kind of lab framework you need? Our lab lattice equipment experts can answer any questions and concerns you might have. For more detailed information on what you’re searching for, call 844-781-5080 now to speak with one of Lee Engineering’s sales representatives.

Lattice for Government Labs

Our lab equipment manufacturing company provides quality lattice framework for government labs and testing facilities. From bio-containment to chemical labs, our equipment is made to withstand the most toxic of materials – demonstrating its true quality in construction and design. Lee Engineering uses cutting-edge technology to develop improved ways of operating within a lab setting.

Lattice for Medical Labs

Lee Engineering supplies sturdy lab equipment for medical research facilities. Working in a medical lab can be demanding and the testing extremely meticulous. Our professional-grade lab equipment works just as hard – through detailed studies, exams, and extensive testing. From monkey bar frames for fume hoods to connectors, bases, and complete lattice kits, our variety of flexible lab equipment options makes us the best source for quality lab frames.









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