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Lab Frame and Rod Suppliers for Schools and Lab Equipment Manufacturing Companies

Lee Engineering in Palmyra, Wisconsin sells bulk lab lattice frames for any industry. Our top quality lab frames are specially bulk-priced. No matter what kind of budget you're on, Lee Engineering has you covered. Here are the most popular types of clients we work with:

  • University Laboratories
  • Fume Hood Manufacturers
  • Casework Manufacturers
  • Medical Research Laboratories
  • Government / Forensic Laboratories

There are endless possible configurations and uses for lab equipment like our latticework. At Lee Engineering, we supply scientists and students with strong, quality lab frames. Universities, high schools, home labs, and research laboratories need durable framework and safe lab equipment to protect those performing experiments, as well as the experiments themselves.

Laboratory equipment manufacturers also find us a valuable resource for parts for fume hoods and other OEM lab products. Our lab latticework components, from support rods to ring stands, are made from high quality aluminum, nickel-plated zinc, stainless steel, or thermally cured fiberglass, ensuring strength and corrosion resistance.

Whether you’re choosing lattice framework for a university’s science department or manufacturing OEM fume hoods and other lab equipment, every component of our lab frames is designed to be durable and easy to manipulate:

University science departments, fume hood manufacturers, and OEM laboratory equipment fabricators choose Lee Engineering for the best and safest lab latticework.

Laboratory Frame Structures and Parts for Sale Online from Lee Engineering

Every laboratory, from a home lab to a university or professional research laboratory, needs a strong, durable frame assembly to safely hold beakers, test tubes, and other lab apparatuses. A stable, flexible structure allows a scientist or student to easily set up and rearrange the framework in an infinite number of configurations. With a variety of types of connectors and clamps and support rods in a range of lengths, you can customize your framework however you need for the most efficient and accurate experiment.

Our lattice hardware, including rods, connectors, supports, and bases, is perfect for complex frame assemblies for science lab benches. As a leading manufacturer of lab frames for chemistry experiments, Lee Engineering provides necessary components for OEM laboratory equipment manufacturing.

University Lab Equipment for Safe Chemistry and Physics Experiments

Our lab lattice frames are ideal for university chemistry, physics, and other science classes. The structure and stability of our lab frame components keep students safe as they perform experiments and learn scientific skills. College chemistry and biology classes benefit from the stability, durability, and flexibility of our heavy-duty latticework, including rods, stands, and connectors. Graduate students pursuing a career in science, as well as undergrads just filling their science requirements, gain the valuable experience of working in a laboratory with safe, professional quality equipment.

Lab Equipment Components for OEM Fabricators and Fume Hood Manufacturers

Along with supplying frames for university science labs, we offer OEM parts for other lab equipment, such as lab fume hoods. Other lab equipment manufacturers choose our durable, strong, and corrosion-resistant lab frame parts and supplies for use in other equipment.

OEM manufacturing means our lab lattice frames and components are used by other lab equipment fabricators for a different end product. For example, our lattice components can be designed and constructed to fit inside a lab fume hood. The fume hood, or fume cupboard, is a partially enclosed, ventilated area designed to protect the student or scientist, the experiment, and the environment from any toxic fumes.

 USA Made Lab EquipmentOrder Laboratory Apparatus and Other Science Lab Equipment

Shop online for individual components to construct a customized framework design. You can choose from different lengths of support rods and crossbars, connectors for one or more planes, and two or three prong clamps.

Not sure what you need? Contact us for more information on ordering lab lattice frames, and we’ll help you choose the right products to meet your needs.

Contact laboratory equipment suppliers to order lab frames or components for your university, for OEM, or for laboratory fume hood manufacturing.


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