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Quick Action Lattice Connector Quick Action Lattice Connector L4A-1 $20.00
Rod Coupler, Aluminum Rod Coupler, Aluminum RC50020-AL $17.00
Stainless Steel 1 2 rod extender Rod Coupler, Stainless Steel RC50020-SS $27.80
Stainless Steel Lattice Connector Closed Lab Rod Connector, Stainless Steel SL2A-1C $19.00
Stainless Steel Lab Frame Connector Open Lab Rod Connector, Stainless Steel SL2A-1 $23.00
Lattice Connector Assembly Aluminum Lattice Connector L2A-1 $10.00
Lab Lattice Connectors Dozen Lattice connectors L1A-3 $108.00
recessed table mount socket for removable laboratory casework Aluminum Recessed Table Mount socket for 1/2" Tapered Rod L12C-1 $33.00
Nylon Apparatus Flange Vertical Base Plate Nylon Vertical Base Plate PL8A-1 $11.00
lightweight table top lab mounting kit Fiberglass Table Top Lattice Mounting Kit TMK8-1F $75.60
7 Lab Support Lattice Mounts Aluminum Fume Hood Side and Bottom Mounting Kit SMK8-1A $75.60
Stainless Steel flange for lab lattice Stainless Steel Fume Hood Side and Bottom Mounting Kit SMK8-1S $176.40

Lab Holders For Test-Tube Vials, Bottles, Beakers, And Other Glassware

Lab Holders for test-tube vials, bottles and beakersLab holders are available in counter top or rod mount configurations. Their purpose is to hold standard glassware including:

  • Test-tube vials
  • Bottles
  • Beakers
  • Other traditional, straight-designed glassware

Both configurations secure glassware and other objects to at different angles, and according to the diameter, and weight of the specific apparatus – allowing you to customize your setup as needed.

Our lattice components are designed to withstand harsh chemicals, fire, and other damaging forces.

For non-traditional items, like bendable or rimless, our laboratory clamps are a better, more efficient option. If you’re not sure what pieces are right for your application, experiments, or tests, our professional lab outfitters have years of experience and are more than happy to assist you throughout the ordering process.

Be sure to contact our laboratory experts for more information about our lab lattice frame parts for home, school, or commercial applications.
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