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Nylon Open type connector for 1/2" Rods with hex head bolt Open Black Nylon Connector PL2A-1 $10.00
Nylon closed connector for 1/2" Rods with hex head bolt Closed Black Nylon Connector PL2A-1C $10.00
plastic rod extender Rod Coupler, Plastic RC50020-PL $17.00
Lattice Connector Assembly Aluminum Lattice Connector L2A-1 $10.00
Quick Action Lattice Connector Quick Action Lattice Connector L4A-1 $20.00
Lab Lattice Connectors Dozen Lattice connectors L1A-3 $108.00
Stainless Steel Lab Frame Connector Open Lab Rod Connector, Stainless Steel SL2A-1 $23.00
Stainless Steel Lattice Connector Closed Lab Rod Connector, Stainless Steel SL2A-1C $19.00
Rod Coupler, Aluminum Rod Coupler, Aluminum RC50020-AL $17.00
Stainless Steel 1 2 rod extender Rod Coupler, Stainless Steel RC50020-SS $27.80
Lab Frame Handle Assembly Handle Assembly L5A-1 $12.00
0.32 mm Lab Frame Key Allen Wrench - 0.32mm (1/8') Hex Key 81V $1.75

Lab Clamps For Chemistry And Other Science

Lab frame rods make up the majority of your lab testing assembly. Testing assemblies are important parts of all types of laboratories, including advanced chemistry labs or school science labs. Lab clamps are designed to be easy to manipulate, so you can quickly arrange your apparatus frame and spend more time conducting procedures and experiments.

Constructed from stainless steel or high-strength aluminum alloy, our lab clamps stand up to fire and harsh chemicals. The smooth finish enables a quick and simple cleanup.

Lab Clamps for Sale OnlineMaterial

Our clamps are made from aluminum alloy, offering high-tensile strength and corrosion-resistant properties at an affordable price. Stainless steel is also an option. Stainless steel offers strength and resistance, while aluminum is strong, lightweight, and cost-effective.

Prong Type

Two-prong and three-prong clamps are available for different applications. Two-prong clamps are ideal for holding straight-sided apparatus such as burets, thermometers, beakers, and flask necks. Three-prong clamps are more versatile than three-prong clamps and have the added capability of holding irregularly shaped objects.

Affixing our clamps to the lab apparatus frame is simple. You only need to use one hand to loosen or tighten the thumbscrew. This also makes simple adjustments between experiments and tests easy.

Single- or Dual-Adjust Clamps

Single-adjust clamps are perfect for applications where only partial jaw alteration is necessary. One prong (finger) is adjusted using a thumbscrew while the other prong is stationary. Dual-adjust clamps offer greater flexibility and function because both prongs are movable – covering a wider range. Dual-adjust clamps are great for applications where a larger jaw alteration is required.

Contact the lab clamp experts at Lee Engineering for any questions about our laboratory clamps or other products.
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