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1/2'' Fiberglass Rod Stock

1/2'' Fiberglass Rods for Lab Lattice and Fume Hood Monkey Bar Assemblies

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Fiberglass Lattice Rod 4'' x 1/2'' Fiberglass Lattice Rod (10.16 cm Long) L12R-4F $4.50
Rod, 1.27 cm Fiberglass, 30.48 cm long 12'' x 1/2'' Fiberglass Lab Frame Rod (30.48 cm long) L12R-12F $9.00
Rod, 1.27 cm Fiberglass, 60.96 cm long 24'' x 1/2'' Fiberglass Lab Frame Rod (60.96 cm Long) L12R-24F $15.00
Rod, 1.27 cm Fiberglass, 91.44 cm long 36'' x 1/2'' Fiberglass Lab Frame Rod (91.44 cm Long) L12R-36F $16.50
Rod, 1.27 cm Fiberglass, 1.22 M long 48'' x 1/2'' Fiberglass Lab Frame Rod (1.22 M Long) L12R-48F $22.50
60 inch Fiberglass Rod 60'' x 1/2'' Fiberglass Lab Frame Rod (1.52 M Long) L12R-60F $25.50
Rod, 1.27 cm Fiberglass, 1.83 M long 72'' x 1/2'' Fiberglass Lab Frame Rod (1.83 M Long) L12R-72F $28.00
Rod, 1.27 cm Fiberglass, 2.13 M long 84'' x 1/2'' Fiberglass Lab Frame Rod (2.13 M Long) L12R-84F $33.00

Fiberglass Rods for Lab Lattice Assembly

The lattice and monkey bar assemblies of your lab need to be made from the best, most cost effective materials. Lee Engineering has affordable fiberglass rod stock in ½” diameter. These rods are best for constructing lattice mounting kits and monkey bar assemblies. Place them in fume hoods or on regular lab benches depending on your facility needs.

Cost Effective Lab Solutions

Fiberglass rods are cheaper than stainless steel yet offer many of the same benefits. We offer special bulk pricing deals to keep costs down even more. Contact Lee Engineering to learn about bulk pricing on fiberglass lattice rods.

Fiberglass Advantages in Lab Lattices

Fiberglass rods are very durable, able to resist harsh lab environments. Our fiberglass rods are corrosion-resistant; they will not corrode or rust. Fiberglass does not expand or contract as much as metal when exposed to extreme temperature changes. It is also lighter than most metal rods.

Finally, fiberglass has a unique appearance. Our rods have a greenish hue. This is great for changing up a lab full of stainless steel and aluminum equipment. Each lab frame rod is machined to a smooth finish. The ends are chamfered to continue the smooth look.

Lee Engineering stocks the following lengths of ½’’ diameter fiberglass rod stock:

Custom lengths of fiberglass rod stock at ½’’ diameter available upon request. We recommend getting custom lengths when you already have a lattice frame and need an exact replacement.

Fiberglass Rods for Lattice and Monkey Bar Assembly

Lee Engineering fiberglass rods perfect for mounting lattice frames to the back of a fume hood. Complete your lattice work with:

Not sure what your lab needs? The experts of Lee Engineering are ready to help you select the right products. Items like holders and clamps attach to lattice rods to secure your glassware and additional apparatus. The right system can be installed permanently or on a temporary basis for easy rearrangement.

Contact us for special bulk pricing or custom fiberglass rod stock lengths.
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