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Nylon Open type connector for 1/2" Rods with hex head bolt Open Black Nylon Connector PL2A-1 $10.00
Nylon closed connector for 1/2" Rods with hex head bolt Closed Black Nylon Connector PL2A-1C $10.00
Nylon Apparatus Flange Vertical Base Plate Nylon Vertical Base Plate PL8A-1 $11.00
plastic rod extender Rod Coupler, Plastic RC50020-PL $17.00
Lattice Connector Assembly Aluminum Lattice Connector L2A-1 $10.00
Quick Action Lattice Connector Quick Action Lattice Connector L4A-1 $20.00
Lab Lattice Connectors Dozen Lattice connectors L1A-3 $108.00
Stainless Steel Lab Frame Connector Open Lab Rod Connector, Stainless Steel SL2A-1 $23.00
Stainless Steel Lattice Connector Closed Lab Rod Connector, Stainless Steel SL2A-1C $19.00
Rod Coupler, Aluminum Rod Coupler, Aluminum RC50020-AL $17.00
Stainless Steel 1 2 rod extender Rod Coupler, Stainless Steel RC50020-SS $27.80
Lab Frame Handle Assembly Handle Assembly L5A-1 $12.00

Frame Assemblies for Science Lab Bench Tables

Lattice Framework for Science LabsEvery successful science lab experiment begins with the appropriate equipment. Lee Engineering is the nation’s leading manufacturer of laboratory apparatus elements for chemistry. Customizable latticework gives you the flexibility to adapt to any chemistry experiment equipment. Our table-mounted stands, clamps, rods and connectors are made of durable, lightweight stainless steel and non-corrosive aluminum alloy as well as other premium corrosion-resistant materials.

Lab Apparatus Frame Support Rods

Lattice rods from Lee Engineering are available in durable stainless steel, high-strength aluminum alloy, or economical fiberglass in lengths ranging from 12 inches to 84 inches. These lattice rods form the major structure of a lab apparatus. They connect quickly and easily into any necessary configuration.

Laboratory Connectors and Clamps

Apparatus connectors join frame support rods together, giving shape to your latticework. Our connectors have an open-throat design letting you lift frame rods out rather than slide them through. This lets you easily make quick adjustments to your setup without rearranging the entire apparatus.

Closed connectors and clamps provide heavy-duty attachment or extension of lattice apparatus rods, as well as connection of rod-mounted equipment such as two-pronged clamps, three pronged clamps, burette clamps, ring supports, or more. Two-prong and three-prong clamps provide variable pressure adjustments for holding items of all types, including test tubes and beakers, as well as heavier or more awkwardly-shaped vessels and containers.

Laboratory Ring Stands

Freestanding support platforms provide a solid, mobile base for chemistry and physics experiments. The ring stand base is designed to withstand the heat of a Bunsen burner without damaging the surface of your lab bench. Ring stands are appropriate for use on any flat surface and accept frame support rods of ½ inches in diameter. The total weight supported is a function of distance away from center mass.

Alternatively, for greater stability and apparatus customization, install latticework directly on your laboratory table using base plates and connectors from Lee Engineering, or install a recess mount burette socket.

Kids in School Science ExperimentsLab Apparatus Holders

Lab apparatus framework from Lee Engineering is manufactured to common laboratory standards and is compatible with holders from the leading manufacturers of chemistry equipment. These holders are necessary for suspending test tubes, bottles and beakers while conducting experiments.

Frame Assembly Hardware Kits

Get your lab table ready and create your own an easy-to-install hardware kit from Lee Engineering. You will find everything you need to prepare your workstation for all procedures and experiments. Seamlessly integrate additional equipment when you’re ready to expand to larger, more complex set-ups.

Chemistry Lab Equipment for Adults and Kids

Our professional lab apparatus equipment provides the ideal framework for any lab experiments, from home and K-12 school labs to university, OEM, and professional research chemistry labs. Lee Engineering specializes in top-quality laboratory lattice supports and connectors.

Order premium laboratory equipment from Lee Engineering today. Learn more about laboratory apparatus and get handy tips on how to build a lab bench from the science lab suppliers at Lee Engineering.

Contact the laboratory apparatus latticework experts at Lee Engineering for ordering information.


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