Quick Action Lattice Connector

Joins rod frames in the same or different planes. Open throat construction permits rods to be lifted out without having to be pulled through. Setups can remain unchanged when shifting individual members. Accommodates 12.7 mm (1/2") rod. Rods are locked with adjustable tee handles. Non ferrous alloy.…
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Zinc Steel Swivel Base Plate Assembly

For anchoring lattice frame. 12.7 mm (1/2") diameter rod can swing in one plane 22 1/2 degrees in each direction and locked with two (2) 1/4" - 20 hex head screws. Stainless steel.
Lab Stands for Chemistry Experiments

Quality Lab ApparatusesPRODUCTS CRAFTED IN USA

Quality Lab ApparatusesPRODUCTS CRAFTED IN USA

Build A Lab Bench
Lab lattice bench

Lab Frames for Chemistry and Other Science Lab Equipment


Laboratory Monkey Bar Rods and Lattice Kits

The structural backbone of the laboratory work surface is the apparatus latticework. A structurally sound, yet easily manipulable, frame assembly is critical to practical laboratory work. From advanced chemical manufacturing facilities to grade school science lab experiments, a controlled, stable, and safe environment is imperative.

The best frame assemblies must be adaptable to an infinite number of setups. Every test and experiment is different, and rearranging framework eats up valuable time. Our lab frame assemblies are perfect for use with fume hoods, benchtops, or casework applications.

Lee Engineering manufactures frame assembly components constructed for safety and flexibility.

Lab Support Frames Can be Used in Art Studios and at Home

Our 1/2 inch rod stock, connectors, and support bases have been used in art installations and homes. Create a an adjustable art display or a pot rack for above your kitchen island. Give us a call or shoot us a message for ideas on how to use the versatile Lee Engineering lab lattice supports creatively.

Bulk Lattice Frames for OEMs and Schools

We offer our products in bulk for universities, fume hood manufacturers, casework manufacturers, and more. all of our components are made in the USA and available around the world. For flexible payment terms on bulk orders, give us a call at (844) 781-5080.

 American Made Lab Euipment

Everything You Need to Build a Science Lab Bench

Laboratory Equipment OnlineWe manufacture everything you need to build a sturdy lab frame apparatus. Our heavy-duty rods and connectors give you the flexibility to adapt and adjust sections of your lattice on the fly without rearranging the entire framework. Learn how to build a lab bench from our step-by-step instructional.

Frame rods for crossbars, upright bars, or anchoring bars have an outer diameter of ½ inch and are available in corrosion-resistant stainless steel, lightweight aluminum, and economical fiberglass. We offer multiple lengths: 12 inches, 24 inches, 36 inches, 48 inches, 72 inches, and 84 inches. Custom lengths are available upon request. All lab rods are tapered for reliable alignment and fit into connectors and frame feet.

Connectors allow joining of frame rods in the same or different plane. Open throat design permits rods to be removed by lifting them out instead of pulling them through. Heavy-duty closed throat connectors and couplers are used to extend the length of frames or attach rod-mounted equipment, like stirrer motors, stir plates, iron rings, and more. Exclusive tee-handles provide an action lever for effortless adjustments.

Base plates, rod sockets, or lattice frame feet, firmly secure the lattice frame brace to your lab bench or wall. Our base plates are available in a fixed perpendicular or locking single-plane adjustable configuration and in stainless steel or aluminum.

Our laboratory lattice components are fast, flexible and economical. We manufacture domestically and are proud to say our products are made in the USA. Our lab equipment is made from top-grade aluminum, stainless steel, nickel-plated zinc, or thermally cured fiberglass for corrosion resistance and strength.

Laboratory Equipment Suppliers

Lab Apparatus SuppliesLee Engineering has a long history with years of experience and excellence. We are eager to share our valuable knowledge with you.

Whether you’re interested in the function of lab apparatus components or investigating lattice framework arrangements, we are your top resource for science lab information. Become versed in the importance of non-ferrous, corrosion-resistant, and thermal treatments. Discover how to mount lattice systems to epoxy resin phenolic resin, high-pressure plastic laminate, or steel countertops. Find the appropriate lattice system for your demonstration, ductless, radioisotope, or acid digestion fume hood. Learn laboratory tips for ring stands and lab supports, or the difference between lab glassware, like pipets, burets and graduated cylinders.

Check out our DIY instructional on how to build your own lab bench including latticework from Lee Engineering.

Laboratory Latticework Equipment Suppliers

For the utmost in laboratory safety and functionality, choose frame assemblies from Lee Engineering. Our products are used in K-12 schools, universities, research labs and manufacturing operations nationwide.

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Contact laboratory equipment suppliers to order laboratory frame apparatus rods and connectors today.
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